Greg Barrett
Dave Layde
Mark McManus

Daemien Frost - Spirito Di Daemo

Daemien Frost - "Spirito Di Daemo"

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"Bonus marks galore for Dublin four-piece Daemien Frost for the intricately detailed packaging which accompanies this bumper release. One disc contains a re-upholstered version of the band's debut album, Corpus Daemo, complete with a couple of additional taut, sharp and ever-so-slightly wiggy tracks. The other disc is an action-packed DVD with promo videos, live footage and the 'Living On The Ledge' story-of-the-band... the live footage and promo videos directed by such small-screen powerhouses as Delicious 9 give a much broader and more realised sense of the band's work and pitch."
*** Jim Carroll, The Irish Times. Review

"For the most part, this project is devoted to the oblique pleasures of caffeinated grooves and edgy atmospherics - just the thing for nostalgia junkies who wish more artists were nowadays prepared to take a blow-torch to the time-worn conventions of rock'n'roll. The CD comes in a gorgeous fold-out sleeve that is, in itself, a minor work of art."
**** Eamon De Paor, Metro. Review

Daemien Frost was formed by Hag and Dave on 26th December, 1999. Originally a 2-piece, Dave and Hag used the help of some keyboard loops to write the first few songs. Mark was invited to join in April 2000 on 'hi-bass'.

DF played their first gig in Whelans of Wexford St. in June 2000. Their first single (split with The Jimmy Cake) which featured "Slut Style (Trinity version)" was released by the Road Relish singles club in May 2001. Between May and October, 2001, the material for the band's first CD, 'Corpus Daemo', was written. The CD was recorded in one day by John Bassetti and was mixed 'live' by John and the band. The following releases ensued:
  • "Corpus Daemo" CD [Alpha Relish, 500 copies] - 13/10/01.
    (1. You've Changed, 2. Who Stole The Rock?, 3. Slut Style, 4. Also Run, 5. In League With The Amazons, 6. Duck Gait Parade, 7. The Song Breaking Up)

  • Split 7" w/ Montana Pete [Alpha Relish / Coin Operated, 300 copies] - 21/10/01.
    (1. Daemien Frost - 'In League With The Amazons', 2. Montana Pete - 'Jiminationalism')

    UK Tour w/ Montana Pete - September 2001:

    • Fri 21 - Nottingham - Bunkers Hill Inn
    • Sat 22 - Leeds - Tequila
    • Sun 23 - Cambridge - The Portland Arms
    • Mon 24 - Brighton - The Hobgoblin w/Guapo
    • Wed 26 - London - The Verge w/ Guapo
    • Thurs 27 - Oxford - The Point

  • Split 7" EP w/ Melt Banana [Alpha Relish, 500 copies, Orange vinyl] - Nov 2001.
    (1. Melt Banana - 'Grave In The Hole (Pitfall Fits A Bit)', 2. Melt Banana - 'Capital 1060 Hospital', 3. Dæmien Frost - 'You've Changed', 4. Dæmien Frost - 'Who Stole The Rock?')
DF toured the UK with Montana Pete in September 2001. The video for "Who stole the rock?" was made with the help of John Bassetti in February 2002. Delicious 9's animated video for "Duck gait parade" was completed in November 2002. Apeonaut's video for "Also run" was also completed around this time. All three videos were kindly screened on No Disco by Leagues O'Toole who also asked DF to play his "Wonky" festival in Summer 2002 in the Guinness Storehouse.

Greg Barrett was invited to join the band in Spring 2003 on 'lo-bass'. DF were successful in their application to play SXSW and headed to Austin in March 2003 along with The Redneck Manifesto. In April 2003, DF toured Europe for the first time, confining their playing to Italy and France due to time constraints.
  • 20.03.03 Salestat (FR)
  • 21.03.03 Strasbourg: Molodoi (FR)
  • 22.03.03 Faenza: Il Clandestino (IT)
  • 23.03.03 Udine (IT)
  • 25.03.03 Trento (IT)
  • 26.03.03 Rieti (IT)
  • 27.03.03 Roma: Init (IT) (w. Howe Gelb)
  • 28.03.03 Cesena: Oltremare (IT)
  • 29.03.03 Torino: El Paso (IT)
  • 31.03.03 Nantes: Blockhaus DY 10" (w. Capitol City Dusters) (FR)
  • 01.04.03 Bordeau: Le Local Universel (FR)
  • 02.04.03 Tours: Le Napoleon (FR)
Recording for the band's second CD, "Spirito Di Daemo", took place, again in one day, in the Autumn of 2003. John Bassetti engineered the recording once again. A rough mix was made and the decision was made not to mix 'live' again and the separated tracks were released by John. Apeonaut completed his video for 'Slut Style' around this time.

DF were invited to play the Mór festival in Tullamore in August 2004 and 2 festivals in Italy (Indie Rocket, Pescara; Hot Viruz, Ancona) in May 2005. Fran Power also completed his animated video for "Cocorico!" around this time.

"Spirito Di Daemo" was released in May 2008 on Red-f / Learn To Love. It contains 4 new tracks as well as all of "Corpus Daemo", which has been re-mastered by Dan Barry. The CD is accompanied by a DVD which contains all of the band's videos, a small feature on the band, live footage from tours and festivals and some live footage of Giraffe Running, Hag and Greg's other band. The cover was designed by Matthew Bolger (The Redneck Manifesto) and was printed by Jeff Mueller at Dexterity Press in Chicago.

Sunday Tribune Interview 26/01/03
Hot Press Interview 16/01/02
Dublin Event Guide Interview 29/09/01


"Spirito Di Daemo" - 11-track CD/DVD.
Released: Soon!
Label: Red-f / Learn To Love
Cover design: Matthew Bolger

CD Tracklist:

1. Sexorsize
2. Ya Basta
3. Cocorico!
4. Slida
5. You've Changed
6. Who Stole The Rock?
7. Slut Style
8. Also Run
9. In League With The Amazons
10. Duck Gait Parade
11. The Song Breaking Down

DVD Tracklist:

1. Living on the ledge (feature presentation)
2. Music Videos (1. Who stole the rock? (J. Bassetti), 2. Duck gait parade (Delicious 9), 3. Also run (Apeonaut), 4. Slut style (Apeonaut), 5. Cocorico! (Fran Power))
3. Live footage
4. Giraffe Running

Split 7" EP w/ Melt Banana. Orange Vinyl.
Released: 04/11/2001
Label: Alpha Relish
Cover design: Hag


1. Melt Banana - 'Grave In The Hole (Pitfall Fits A Bit)'
2. Melt Banana - 'Capital 1060 Hospital'
3. Daemien Frost - 'You've Changed'
4. Daemien Frost - 'Who Stole The Rock?'

Split 7" w/ Montana Pete.
Released: 21/10/2001
Label: Alpha Relish / Coin Operated
Cover design: Bryn Cloke


1. Daemien Frost - 'In League With The Amazons'
2. Montana Pete - 'Jiminationalism'

"Corpus Daemo" - 7-track CD LP.
Released: 13/10/2001
Label: Alpha Relish
Cover design: Hag


1. You've Changed
2. Who Stole The Rock?
3. Slut Style
4. Also Run
5. In League With The Amazons
6. Duck Gait Parade
7. The Song Breaking Up

Split 7" w/ The Jimmy Cake.
Released: 10/05/2001
Label: Road Relish
Cover design: Hag & Diarmuid MacDiarmada


1. Damien Frost - 'Slut Style' (Trinity version)
2. The Jimmy Cake - 'The Opposite Of Adiction'


Completed: 2004
Produced by: Fran Power

"Slut Style"
Completed: 2003
Filmed & edited by: Apeonaut

"Also run"
Completed: 2002
Filmed & edited by: Apeonaut

"Duck gait parade"
Completed: November 2002
Produced by: Delicious 9

"Who stole the rock?"
Completed: February 2002
Filmed by: J. Bassetti, Corrina Lynch
Edited by: J. Bassetti


Kerrang 15/12/01

Billy Joel singing Moving Out. “You should never argue with a crazy ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma...”

Sage advice. Ominous words. Starcross these with maybe Satan plucking on his own pubic hair and there you have it, the sound of Daemien Frost. Words like viscceral, bionic and opaque sound good when someone clever says them, The ‘Frost have no time for that.

Four men, half goat, Drummer Dave Hag has the lithe body of a gay dancer and all the humour of a Levellers song. Watch him drum like he was forcing children to work down a shaft mining pure adulterous evil for use in his ego-cannon. Be afraid children, this man thinks he knows the score.

Mark Macmanus plays the bass. The high end bass, like the sound of many kittens being run over, or evil whistles cursing a manky wind. Stare into his eyes, there. Gaze on nothing.

Greg Barret plays the bass, the low end bass, as nature intended. Like the lumbering carburetor of a truck designed only for killing, like the bloated entrails of eviscerated demagogues. Likes a pint and looking into the middle distance.

Never Got Layde is the lover of the band, all crafty fingering and whispered promises of filthy amour, skirting lasciviously around the fret board, uninventing music. Primordial, fearful, the grace of a moribund cow facing extinction. The humane killer of discordance. Dance? He can’t dance.

Together all of a couple of years, and already an album under their belt, the Frost belie their idiocy with proliferation’s. Corpus Daemo released in 2001, is the I can’t believe it’s not butter of the nod makers and frat factories. This music should be good, so atrocious are it’s influences.

Dara "Dip" Higgins, 24/01/03.

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